What Your Residential Movers Want You To Know As You Plan Your Move

Whether you want to hire residential movers so you can move in peace and not have to do any physical moving on your own or you want to just use them to assist you throughout your move, if you are doing any home moving at all, you'll quickly see how beneficial their services are going to be to you. You'll receive an itinerary for the work your residential movers will do as well as a cost layout so you can (for the most part) pick and choose the services you want.

No matter how you choose to execute your move, your residential moving services company wants you to be aware of a few things. Here are some of them. If you have questions, let your home moving specialist know.

Your plants are not going to be transported

Unless otherwise specified, anything living (this includes your plants and animals) will not be transported by your residential movers. You will have to arrange for transportation for these types of belongings yourself.

Your artwork and instruments may need additional care

If you're relocating a large, sensitive instrument like a piano or a harp, your residential movers want to ensure you're aware that you cannot move these items without additional care and experience. Otherwise, you risk damaging instruments and artwork or even framed mirrors and things like that. So, your residential movers may outsource the moving of these items to other professionals (with your permission) or may recommend you transport these items yourself or via other means.

Your items should be protected, but you can also insure them

Homeowners and renters insurance may assist in the coverage for your items if you are having them transported. Your residential moving solutions company may also have coverage and insurance for your items, so keep this in mind as you explore your coverage options. You want to make sure your items are well-protected so you have the best outcome for your things.

Storage may or may not be included in the purchase price

If you're not going immediately to your new destination, your items may need temporary storage. In this case, your residential movers want you to know that you may be able to add storage facility usage for an added fee. It may even already be included in your regular services.

Your residential movers will help make your move much easier for you. In the end, it's up to you, so choose a budget and whatever plan works best for you. Contact a company like D & R Movers for more information.