4 Problems You Could Run Into With A DIY Move

Are you planning to move to a new home or apartment in the upcoming weeks, but you think you can do it alone without the help of movers? If so, you can potentially run into these problems that can make the move problematic. 

Not Having A Moving Crew

You may have some friends and family members that said they will help you move, but that doesn't mean that they will show up. You could end up on your moving day without the number of people you need to get the job done quickly. This will just make the entire experience unenjoyable since you end up tired and exhausted after only a short while. Professional movers will show up with the crew size that you hire, so you know that you are getting what you pay for. 

Not Knowing How To Load The Moving Truck

Were you aware that there is a right and wrong way to load a moving truck? You need to distribute the weight of your belongings in a way that makes it easy to drive the moving truck, as well as makes it safe for the truck itself. If you loaded all your heavy appliances near the rear of the truck, you could end up with a truck that is unbalanced and difficult to maneuver. In addition, an improperly loaded truck can cause things to be broken in transit if they are not secured or stacked properly. 

Not Knowing How To Drive Your Moving Truck

Have you ever driven a stick shift vehicle before? If not, you may be in for a big surprise on your moving day. That's because the larger trucks are going to have a stick shift rather than an automatic transmission, which you may not be familiar with. Not only could you be driving a truck that is not balanced and difficult to maneuver, but you'll be struggling with how to change gears while driving a stick shift for the first time.

Missing Your Loading Windows

If you are moving into an apartment building that has a loading dock, you may be given a window of time that you can use the service elevator to move your belongings to your apartment. If you're running late because you're inexperienced, you could end up missing this window and delaying your entire move. 

All of these problems can be avoided by hiring professional local movers to handle it all for you.