Take an Environmentally Friendly Approach to Your Moving Supplies

When you're moving, it's inevitable that you'll produce a considerable amount of waste, especially since you'll likely find yourself throwing out possessions that you don't want to move to the new house. In order to lessen the impact of this on the environment, it's important to take a conscientious approach to your moving supplies, including when you shop for them, when you use them, and even things you do after the move is complete. Here are some simple environmentally friendly strategies that you can use in relation to your moving supplies.

Buy Products Made from Recycled Materials

When you visit a company that sells moving supplies, such as Route 37 Self-Storage, you'll often see a section that features environmentally friendly options, including those made from recycled materials. Instead of buying things such as plastic bubble wrap or foam packing peanuts, think about buying packing material made from shredded cardboard. This product provides a simple way to recycle old cardboard boxes, and it is ideal because you can place shredded cardboard in your recycling bin at the conclusion of the move, if desired.

Find Other Ways to Protect Your Items

If you can't find environmentally friendly packing items such as shredded cardboard, think about what things you may have that can be used to protect your items. For example, instead of bagging up your towels and linens for the move, use them to wrap some of your fragile items. For example, wrapping a piece of art in a large bath or beach towel can provide the necessary protection for the move, and it won't have any environmental impact.

Think About Long-Term Storage Solutions

Many moving supply retailers also sell durable plastic bins, which are ideal to consider when you're needing receptacles for the move. While cardboard boxes are acceptable because they can be recycled afterward, plastic bins are ideal because you can continue to use them after the move. This means that instead of packing your items into a box, moving the box and its contents to the new house, and then getting rid of the box, you can instead keep the box for storage purposes.

Sell or Donate Your Supplies

After you're done moving, don't just discard your moving supplies. While recycling cardboard and plastic goods is better than throwing them out, there's still an environmental impact involved with the recycling process. Instead, list these items for sale on your local classified website or even consider giving them away to friends or family members who are moving soon. Keeping this goal in mind, try to avoid damage to these items during the move so that they can be used again in the future.