Need A Large Storage Unit For Inventory To Sell? 3 Ways To Keep Yourself From Misplacing Items

Making extra money is something that some people do when they have time and needs. One way to dive in is to start selling items that you get your hands on at an affordable price. Heading to garage sales, thrift stores, estate sales, and even local business clearances can net you decent profit on things. But, it is often difficult to sell your inventory as quickly as you pick new things up, so you may end up with a huge stockpile. Renting a storage unit is an ideal solution, but you may be afraid of losing items. Following tips on storing inventory will help you minimize stress and avoid exceeding deadlines for shipping products.

Tall Shelving

The first task that you will want to undertake with a storage unit is to get shelving. Trying to stack boxes directly on top of each other is only asking for trouble and it is a huge inconvenience to get a single item. It is best not to get ahead of yourself and make shelving units too early as each unit is unique in size. You might end up renting a storage unit with extra tall ceilings, so you can make taller shelves. Since you cannot mount shelves on the walls, you have to make freestanding shelving units. A basic setup is fine, but you will have even better results when you get a unit made to have adjustable shelves.

Plastic Bins

Standard boxes are just not that good for storing inventory that you intend on accessing regularly. These boxes have a limited number in regard to how many times you can use them as they weaken over time and you will eventually run out of space to write down what is on the inside. A better solution is plastic bins, which you can use marker to write on and then erase the writing when you sell an item.


Misplacing an item that you have sold and need to ship can lead to various consequences. If you sell on auction websites, you could end up with a suspended account when you miss several shipping dates. So, you will find it in your best interest to create a thorough inventory for each plastic bin you use. You can write the details on the side of the bin or attach a paper to each bin and print out new copies regularly. Ideally, you want it to be easy to add and remove items from the list to avoid misplacing things.

Do not be afraid of a large storage unit when you have a detailed plan to follow for storing goods.