Preparing Your Autistic Child For Moving Day

Before you ever invite a moving company into your home to help you pack and move, you need to prepare your child with autism for the changes that are taking place. This can be a very difficult time for children on the spectrum, even for the highest functioning children. In order to make the transition and moving process simple enough for both your child and for the moving company's employees, here is what you can do.

Talk About What Will Happen a Week in Advance

Even though you might start packing long before your scheduled moving day, most children with autism will become too anxious about the event if you try to address it earlier than a week before your move-out date. You can avoid some of the anxiety your child may feel by packing things that you know you will not need in the next couple of weeks and storing the boxes out of your child's sight. When the time is right, or when you need to start packing up your child's things, then it becomes necessary to talk to them about what is happening and preparing him or her for moving day.

Pack Your Child's Things Last

You want your child to remain as anxiety- and fear-free as possible during this already stressful time. Packing up his or her room last is the best option. Also, keep three or four of your child's favorite playthings or soothing toys/items unpacked for the car ride to the new apartment or house. Introducing your child to the new home prior to the move whenever possible is a plus too, because it will help him or her become acquainted sooner with the surroundings that will be home. If you have to utilize a moving company's storage facilities, try to avoid placing your autistic child's belongings in storage so that he or she is not anxious about missing items when you unpack at the new home.

Keeping Your Child Calm Around Movers

It can be a challenge, but keeping your child calm around the movers is essential to the movers doing their job and helping you move. If you have any device or toy that will keep your child content and busy while the movers put remaining items in boxes and put the boxes on the trucks, this will help ease everybody through the process. A couple other ways you can help the movers and your child simultaneously is by placing all packed boxes and some furniture in the garage (or if the weather permits, outside), which removes the movers from the house while they work. Hiring a babysitter or special needs care provider to look after your child during the moving process is a good solution too.

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