Three Tips For A Successful Local Move

So you're ready to pack up your belongings and move to that new dream home across town that you have always wanted. Take a deep breath and dig in, because you've got some work to do. A local move can be a streamlined, smooth process, or a nightmare, depending on how you choose to go about it. Consider the three tips below to make sure that your move happens productively and on your terms. 

1 - Don't Forget To Keep Your Immediate Needs In An Overnight Bag

When you move, it's about more than just transporting your items from Point A to Point B -- you'll also need to remain productive during the unpacking process. To this end, you should fill an overnight bag with belongings that will be useful to you immediately. For instance, pack things like a change of clothes, some food items, toiletries and a laptop. This will help you to keep these belongings safe, so that they're not lost or stolen during a move, and will allow you to remain functional, in order to take care of yourself while still waiting to unpack your other belongings. 

2 - Keep Accurate Records Of All Of Your Belongings

A big mistake that people make during moves is to not know what belongings are located in each box or container. In addition to using solid, clear bins to make it easier to keep track of your belongings, you should put together some checklists and spreadsheets that let you know where each item is located. In terms of your overall move, you should also keep tabs of your shipment registration, so that you are able to track and locate your belongings if something happens during the course of the move. 

3 - Take The Time To Hire The Right Local Moving Company

In order to make your move go as smoothly as possible, you should take your time and hire the best local mover. For one, set up an initial screening and get all price quotes in writing. This transparency will help you find the company that is highly recommended and certified, while also giving you a price that you can afford and agree upon. Always narrow down your search to about three different companies when making sure that you are choosing the best for your particular move. 

Employ these three tips to get the best service for your local move. 

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