Factors To Consider When Selecting And Moving In To Your New Storage Unit

The decisions you make when renting a self storage unit will have a big impact on the usefulness of that unit. These tips will help you select the right unit for your needs, and will help you organize the unit for maximum efficiency. 

Renting Considerations

When renting a new storage unit, the most important thing you can do is ensure that the unit will be able to meet your needs. Short-term renters often have different factors to consider over long-term renters. These tips will help you pick the best storage unit for you.

  • Location of the Unit. Units with inconvenient locations, like upstairs units and interior units, often have a lower price tag than units on the ground floor with drive-up access. If you plan to have your unit for a long time, the savings may be worth the inconvenience. If you plan to have your storage unit for a short time, maybe because of a relocation or a home remodel, consider getting a more expensive unit to save you the trouble of loading and unloading.
  • Growth Potential. Customer service representatives at the storage unit will be able to help you pick the amount of storage space you'll need based on the amount of stuff you plan to store. If you plan to be in your storage unit for many years, consider getting the next size up to ensure that you'll have extra space to store more personal items over time.

Loading Considerations

To help ensure that the boxes you're storing are easy to find, easy to access, and safely stored, follow these tips.

  • Make Aisles.  Situate your boxes in such a way that there are aisles between boxes. This will ensure that you have room to walk into the storage unit and will make it easier to access items near the back.
  • Bigger and Heavier Items Go On Bottom. The biggest, heaviest boxes go on the bottom. The lightest, smallest boxes go o the top. Placing heavy boxes at the top of a stack may result in that stack becoming unstable. Doing this could also crush boxes at the bottom of the stack.
  • Pack Boxes Inside Furniture. To make the most of your space in the unit, pack boxes into the hollow spaces of furniture in the unit. For example, if you are putting a dresser into your storage unit, place your smallest boxes inside the dresser after moving it to the proper location in the unit.

For more tips regarding the loading of your storage unit, speak with a customer service representative from the storage facility.