Tip For Storing Wooden Items

Using storage units may be the best option for keeping your possessions safe without cluttering up your home. In particular, many people use these services to store extra furniture and antiques that they may have around the home. Unfortunately, wooden items can be prone to experiencing some forms of damage as a result of this storage. Luckily, the following two tips will help ensure that your wooden antiques survive the storage period without any major damage. 

Opt For A Temperature Controlled Unit

When you are choosing a storage unit, you will have many different options. If you are storing wood, it is important for you to choose a temperature controlled unit. Over time, temperature changes can cause the moisture in the wood to expand and contract, which will eventually lead to severe cracks forming in it. 

To minimize this damage, you should choose a unit that allows you to set a stable temperature. These units will cost more than standard ones, but if you plan on storing your wooden items for more than a couple of weeks, this is an investment that may prove to be worth it. 

Finish Your Furniture With Linseed Oil

Another step you can take to keep your items safe from damage is to finish them with a coat of linseed oil before placing them into storage. The linseed oil will help keep the wood moisturized while it is in storage, which will reduce the chances of it becoming excessively brittle.

Ensuring that your wood is moisturized is an important benefit of using linseed oil as a finish, but it is not the only reason for doing this step. This substance has a natural ability to prevent mold growth, which is another problem that wood in storage often encounters. The dark and damp environment of the storage unit can create the ideal condition for mold, and wood furniture serves as a the perfect environment for it to start growing. Yet a simple coating of linseed oil should stop this problem from ever becoming an issue for your stored furniture. 

Using a storage unit for extra furniture and antiques can be the most practical option for keeping these items without cluttering your house. But storing items can place them at risk of damage, and this is especially true for wooden items. By choosing a temperature controlled unit and using linseed oil as a finish, you can help ensure that your wooden items emerge from storage in excellent condition.

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