How To Survive A Local Business Move

Moving your business may seem like a huge, unmanageable chore, and you may worry about new and old customers finding you. Here are some tips on organizing your move and making your new location known.

Get the Word Out

It makes sense to keep your same business number, but if you can't, then have calls from the old one forwarded to your new number for a time. You will want have business cards and stationary printed with your new address.

You may want to consider making up flyers to hand to customers as they come in that contain news of your upcoming move and include a small map to your new location. You may also want to plan a clearance sale to get rid of old inventory, so you won't have to move it.

The businesses surrounding your old and new places may be happy to spread the word as well, so make a point of telling as many as you can.

Update Your Web Presence

You should:

  •  Provide notification of your move on your website and change the address listed on it.
  •  Update your business blog, if you have one, with posts about the move and its benefits for customers.
  •  Change your address on all the main directories that supply the search engines with their data.
  •  Update your advertisements and social media sites.
  • Email customers that you have listed to inform them of any moving sales you may be having and about your new location.

Inform These Entities

It's important to inform the licensing and taxing entities in your state.

To avoid problems when automatic payments are due to go through, you should inform your bank and credit card company. Also, you need to inform your creditors and the companies you do business with.

Plan Your Moving Day

Before the Moving Day it's a good idea to have a representative from the moving company come to give you some advice on preparing for the move and to give you an onsite quote on the cost of moving all the business goods, records, equipment, and furniture.

To save money, you should purge what is no longer needed. You can rent a mobile shredder to destroy outdated files and paperwork. Old furniture and office equipment may be sold at a resale shop for a commission or donated. Schools, charities, and shelters may be happy to recieve such items.

Many moving and storage companies now have rentable plastic totes and file carts on wheels and this will save you time and money instead of dealing with cardboard boxes.

To streamline the move, you will want to visit the new location to plan where things will go and a make a seating chart and floor plan if necessary.  You may need to also plan for and order new signage to fit the new building and exterior. If these things are done before moving day, it would be very helpful to your movers and employees.

And Finally:

To keep your sanity, start as soon as possible to do these things step-by-step. Keep your mental focus on how great it will be when you are settled in your new spot. If you have other questions, try contacting a company like Walsh Moving & Storage for help.