4 Tips for Storing Your Piano

Do you have a piano that you need to temporarily put in storage? Are you worried about how the piano will hold up while it's in the storage unit? Pianos are expensive and sensitive pieces of equipment, so you're right to be concerned. However, with proper preparation, you can be sure that your piano will come out of storage in great condition and ready to play. Here are a few tips you can take to get your piano ready for storage:

Wash it.

You may not have a chance to wash your piano while it's in storage, so it's a good idea to take advantage of that opportunity now. Wipe down the keys with a moist rag. Use a safe polish on the outside of the piano. Also, make sure all the casters on the piano are tight.

Your piano may gather dust and dirt while it's in storage. That layer of dust will be even worse if you send it into storage in a dirty condition. Instead, clean it now to make sure you have less cleaning to do when the piano comes out.

Hire specialty piano movers. 

Your piano will likely need to be disassembled to some extent to get it out of your home and into the storage unit. This isn't a job that you want to trust to general movers. Specialty piano movers will know how to remove certain pieces and pack them in a way that will keep them protected throughout the move. They'll also wrap and seal sensitive areas, like the keyboard. They'll also know how to move the piano up and down stairs so that it doesn't get away from them. You probably spent thousands of dollars on your piano. It's worth it to get experts to handle the job.

Place it properly in the unit.

How you place the piano in the unit is a big factor in how well the piano holds up. You don't want it to get too humid, so try not to place too many items around the piano. Give it a clear surrounding path for air to pass through.

Also, resist the urge to set items on top of the piano. That may seem like a good idea. However, over time, those items will likely dent or break the piano's wood. Wrap the piano in soft fabric and then tape or fasten the fabric down so the fabric doesn't slide off.

Don't get it tuned.

You may want to have the piano tuned before it goes into storage. Many people do this thinking that the piano will be ready to play when it comes out. The problem is that the storage unit's climate is different than your home's climate. You'll have it tuned and then it will go into a unit with a different temperature and humidity level, which will undo the tuning. Instead, wait until the piano comes out of storage and is in its new location. That way, your tuning will be worth it.

For more information, contact a piano moving company or a business like Extreme Piano Moving that specializes in piano storage. They can help you prepare your piano for storage and may be able to help you transport  it.