Five Kinds Of Trucks You Can Rent For Your Next Move

If you are planning on moving any time soon, and you have not moved in a really long time, you might be surprised. There are several more truck options available to you now than ever before. Every option provides you with something a little different. The following five kinds of trucks illustrate the majority of truck rentals available from most moving companies.

The Open Pickup

When you do not have a buddy with a truck, or at least a buddy with a truck who is willing to help you move, you can rent a pickup and drive it yourself. The nice thing about this option is that you only pay the rental price and you do not have to go to a dealership to buy a pickup truck for your move (which some people do). When you have almost no help for your move, and you are pretty much the only one that is going to make the move happen, renting a pickup is a very good option.

The Cargo Van

The cargo van is also perfect for moving when you and maybe one other person are hauling things to and fro. Like the pickup, you can haul heavy objects. Unlike the pickup, you do not have to tie them down or worry about inclement weather destroying or delaying your move. The enclosed space of a cargo van takes care of everything.

The Small Box Truck

Moving a small apartment or loft space usually requires a small box truck. The advertisements for these trucks list them as, "two to three rooms of furniture." It is an approximation, since the moving company makes the assumption that you have lots of furniture and knick-knacks in boxes for each of those rooms. You could possibly move more than the assumed two or three rooms. A loading ramp is included on most small box trucks because the back of the truck is higher off the ground than a pickup or cargo van.

The Traditional Moving Truck

Supposedly, these trucks move "four or five rooms". Again, that is an approximation based on how much furniture and the size of your furniture as well as several smaller boxes for other things from that room. Still, a traditional moving truck can move just about everything you own in one trip (some people need a second trip for remaining items that could not fit, but it is rarely more than two trips with this type of truck).

The Semi

If you think you need a semi rig and trailer to move all of your stuff, just keep in mind that these hundred-foot trailers could probably move one entire floor of a large office building. If you have that much stuff, then the semi is definitely what you need. If you don't have that much stuff, then opt for a smaller moving vehicle.

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